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Looking to grow your sales?

Looking to grow your Automotive Business? We can help!

Auto+ Performance focuses on providing our customers with the tools, information and support they need to be the leader in their market.

With many products, services, and solutions to support our customers, it’s sometimes overwhelming to determine exactly where to begin.

The best place to get started may be to take our 2 minute assessment. By answering a few questions, this will help us to determine a 3 main things.

1.) What your business currently does for marketing
2.) What other like-minded businesses are doing in your area
3.) And where Auto+ Performance can provide suggestions for you to move forward.

The best part? This assessment is free! So click here to fill it out now!

Or, if you’d prefer, have a look at our marketing services below.

Social Media Marketing

We offer social media packages to service any automotive customer on any size budget.

Social Media Management

With over 80% of YOUR local customers active on social media every day, is your business spending the time and resources to actively engage and participate on social media?

With our social media management packages, we look after your entire social media accounts to make your business look its best. 


500+ Social Media Post Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with ideas on what to post on your social media accounts everyday? If the answer is YES, this document was made for you. 

We provide 500+ Daily Social Media ideas for a Collision Repair, Car Dealership, and Auto Repair facility. Click below to learn more. 


Monthly Content Subscription

Imagine a world where your Automotive facility never has to think about social media content but ALWAYS has a social media presence online! 

Our monthly subscription provides you with the caption, photo, photo suggestion (if you’d prefer to take your own photos), and hashtags needed so that your business can post every single day of the month. 


Advertising Solutions

If you’re looking to grow your sales and brand awareness within your local market, chances are your going to have to do it in multiple ways. We suggest having a budget to run consistent local ads and really focus on optimizing your website so that you stand out in your local community and especially against your competition.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising is still VERY effective and necessary. We provide direct mail campaigns and local advertising solutions to capture your local communities attention. 


Digital Advertising Solutions

Get your message seen by the RIGHT audience! We provide Google Search Engine Ads, Social Media Advertisements, Display Ads, and more. If you’re tired of high advertising costs that attract only a few leads to your door, Auto+ Performance can help you refine your advertising approach. 


Search Engine Optimization

Where is your website ranking on Google and other Search Engines? SEO is more than just a buzzword- it’s a fundamental strategy for every Automotive business. With our SEO packages, we focus on growing your Authority on the internet and keep your business ranking well despite any algorithm changes


Content Creation Solutions

Building brand awareness in your local community can consist of a lot work. From building a website to writing consistent blogs, to sending out on-going emails to your customers- this all requires resources, time and knowledge to build and execute the right message. With our company specializing only in Automotive, we truly understand the industry and what your customers want.

Website Design

We provide full website design, development, and management all in ONE PLACE! 

If you’re in need of a basic website, a highly advanced website or a website revamp, we are here to help! 

With our wide range of knowledge and experience, we provide Graphic Design, Copywriting, Website Coding, and Design Solutions so you can leave any website creation idea up to us! 


Blogging Solutions

One of the best kept secrets is the power of a well-written blog. 

Not only does it provide information, trust, and value to your customers but it also increases your rankings on Google and other search engines, therefore increasing the traffic and leads to your website too. 


Email Marketing

Once your customer walks out your door, how do you make sure you stay in touch with them so they remember you when they need too? 

We help Automotive Businesses create successful email marketing campaigns that keep your customers informed and drive results! 


Content and Design Solutions

Looking for professional marketing materials for your business? We provide Graphic Design, Photos and Video solutions for your Automotive Business

Graphic Design

We help Automotive Businesses stand out by creating material materials that focus on capturing the WOW factor from your customers. 

We create invitations, brochures, portfolios,  business cards, postcards, newsletters, logos, and more. 

There is no limit to what our design team can offer to provide the most creative solutions for you.


Video Marketing

With videos being one of the most important ways to stand out online today, we provide solutions for every business to stand out. 

We can provide website slideshows, YouTube Introduction videos, how-to videos for your vlogs, advertisements for your business, and even content for your social media platforms, our videographers can help to built and assist you with your video marketing needs. 


Commercial Photography

Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words?

We provide professional photography solutions that amplifies your brands message and tells the story of who you are to your customers. 

We provide one time or monthly photography packages for your website, marketing materials,  and social media packages. 


Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin?


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